reFuels – Rethinking Fuels

FAQs - short videos

What is special about the project "reFuels - Rethinking Fuels"?

Who is involved in the reFuels project?

How are refuels, i.e. regenerative fuels, produced?









Which raw materials can be used to produce reFuels?

Are there enough raw materials for reFuels in Germany?

What are the hurdles to market introduction?

Do refuels have to be further developed?








What are the challenges in the production of reFuels diesel?

What are the challenges in the production of reFuels gasoline?

Are there already infrastructures in place to produce reFuels in large quantities?

Can I refuel reFuels with any car?

Can refuels damage the car?







How do reFuels help to fulfill climate protection goals?







Are reFuels also better for the environment?

How sustainable is the entire process chain?







Does the excess electricity really exist?

When can I fill up with reFuels?

How much would these fuels cost?

Are refuels supposed to save the combustion engine?